Best of Whistler 2012: Sports & Recreation 

Best of Whistler 2012 - Sports & Recreation

Best of Whistler 2012 - Sports & Recreation

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Danimal was a close fourth, meaning the section of North Danimal that was rerouted and rebuilt a few years ago to create one of the best rides in the valley. The other sections have also seen a bit of work, but it's North Danimal that you'll go back to again and again.

Best Bike Park Trail

With its third consecutive win for best trail, it's safe to say that Crank It Up  is beyond popular, and for good reasons. Whistler Mountain Bike Park crews built something that is just as exciting for the pro on the $8,000 downhill bike as the rec rider on a hard tail. It's got a mix of everything from sweeping berms to rollers you can air off it you want, and is covered with optional jumps and wall rides. And it's long — races held on Crank It Up are some of the longest you'll see on any course that starts at Olympic Station.

Second on the list is A-Line, the original machine-built trail that defined the bike park with something like 130 features from top to bottom, ranging from high-speed berms to some of the biggest tables in the park — big enough that some of the crazier local riders are now throwing backflips off of them. If you want to see what it's like to ride at high speed, go to YouTube and search for "Brian Lopes Air Downhill Run."

Third place went to another machine-made trail, Dirt Merchant. It's steeper and more technical than A-Line, but has the same general design where you feel like you're always doing something. Your seat is just an ornament on this trail.

Best Indoor Sport

Is competitive yoga a thing? Because  yoga  got the most nods in this category by over 50 votes. Given the number of yoga classes available on any given day in Whistler, and the fact that more than 1,000 people take classes every week in the resort, it's safe to say that more people are doing yoga than almost every other sport outside of skiing and cycling.

Hockey was second on the list this year. While the pros and owners can't seem to get it together, recreational and competitive hockey has never been as strong in the resort with three leagues and over a dozen minor teams using the rink. Last season we also had a few weeks in January where skating on Alta Lake was excellent, and at one point there were eight different shinny games taking place at the same time.


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