Down, but not out... too bad. 

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The short answer is, who knows? He's not saying directly and even if he was no one in their right mind should believe a word the lying weasel says. But people "close" to him — assorted hangers-on, lawyers and others who will do pretty much anything for a buck — say he may be willing to admit he used performance-enhancing drugs. If pressed, I wonder if he'd be willing to admit the sun rises in the east?

Has Lance finally seen the path to redemption? Does he believe the truth will set him free?

Hell no. The "reason" floated by his people — what professional obfuscators generally refer to as the Dummy Distracter — is that Lance is really, really keen on competing in some triathlons and such and, well, there's this lifetime ban thing keeping him from... from what? Gracing some Ironman with his celebrity presence? I mean, jeez, even the people who stood behind him right to the end are embarrassed by this cretin.

More likely it has a lot to do with keeping his sad butt out of prison, dodging some of the civil liability that's likely to rain down on him over the next few years and keeping his disgraced name in the public eye. Why? Because that's just the pathetic loser he really is.

Thanks, Lance. I was really hoping for better out of 2013.


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