Echoes From 'The Happy Party': Whistlerites wax poetic on local life 

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Wendy Tabrett has been living in Whistler since June of 1991. "I've been here for 22 years," she writes, "and I still barely feel like a local J." As for other possible destinations: "Where would we go," she asks rhetorically. 'This is the best place in the world."

Not everyone plans on living full-time at Whistler when they first visit this place. But then that special valley magic kicks in, and, well, one thing just leads to another. "I left the corporate world behind in 2001," writes Janet Brown, "and came to Whistler for the season, with plans to settle down in Vancouver. But after joining the Rotary Club and meeting all the wonderful people here, I decided I had to stay... and I've never looked back! The warmth and energy of the Whistler community is like no other..."

Jimbo Kennedy is a Whistler lifer. He moved here on September 28th, 1972 and happily settled in for the long haul. One of his favourite memories, he writes, revolves around an old Deep Purple tune. "Whenever I hear 'Smoke On The Water,'" he says, "I think of the Skiboot Pub in the summer of '73, and stopping in for a beer on the way back from Lost Lake."

Local man-about-town Ritchie King arrived in Whistler in the fall of 1980. What he misses most about the old days, he writes (only semi tongue-in-cheek) "is the nude windsurfing on Alta Lake." And he's probably not the only one. But times were simpler back then. Much, much simpler...

But where was I? Oh yeah, reminiscences. Take Trudy Alder's story, for example. "I arrived at Whistler in August of 1967 with my husband Helmut Salmhofer," she writes, "and we managed the Tyrol Ski Lodge on the Westside Road. After that we built chalets." Alas, Helmut contracted cancer and passed away in 1975. But Trudy stayed on; Whistler, you see, had embedded itself in her heart. "I married Peter Alder in 1981," she continues, "and we've lived happily together since... and ever after I hope."

I think I'll leave the last words to Laurin Kyle Boyle. She moved here 30 years ago... and never once considered moving away. This is how she explains her attraction to this place. "I love how the original vision I had of Whistler as a beautiful undiscovered treasure has now been fully realized. I love the spirit of Whistler —WHICH IS ALL OF US — and how the rest of the world has now seen the value that I (and all of us) once saw here. 'Whistler.... It's in us to give!' That's why I'm still happy living here."


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