Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 49: From Mosquito Hell to Heavenly Superior

By on Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 3:30 PM

None of us had sweet dreams last night.10 bazillion mosquitoes made sure of that. Actually we were attacked all night by the big three, Ontario's finest: the mossie, the black fly and the noseeum. There were swarming in the Starship and at first we thought they were coming in through the vent systems. Then we realized that through sheer volumes that they swarmed in the door every time we opened it (all a part of Canadiana, right?) Our displeasure changed though, buoyed up by a sunny morning with a Nor'Wester. Our goal was the Agawa Campgroung on the sandy shores of Lake S. and Gin and I made short work of this with an average speed of 28 kms/hr. We have agreed that the hills here rival the Rockies. Some have 7 percent grade and I can get over 70 kms/hr on the downslope which is F-18 Hornet speed for a jet fighter. It's hang on to your hat, trust your carbon and, to be honest, saying to yourself: how much more mangled up can I be crashing at 70 than crashing at 50?

We continue to see wildlife along the road. Maybe animals are used to the whine of the semi's and cross because they can't hear our bikes. I flush a spruce hen and her little one out of a ditch, but that doesn't even make the qualifying heat, as a lynx gingerly pads across the highway on Gin's shift. Soon we pull into the Agawa Campground, unable to have made a reservation on a busy Canada Day weekend. We are able to secure a non power spot on the shore of the lake, buffeted by a glorious sea breeze, which is hot and bug free. PDQ, we are beer in hand, arse in beech chair, and admiring the 5 mile stretch of sand and lake which attracts so many vacationers. Of course we want to get a bit of Gitchagaumi on us, so we plunge into the clear blue liquid. I don't know the degree separating water from ice, but believe we found out that day. Yikes! Bone chilling is a mild description, but how great it felt to get out back into the 80-degree sunshine. After roasted bratwurst and stir fried book choi with garlic and mushrooms ( if you're keeping track?),we took some remarkable pictures of the setting sun ,before retiring for the evening. All in all a wonderful day!


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