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Day 96: or as Quinn and I say, Day 3 on the Road

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After a great sleep we were ready to attack the road. We had found a camp ground the night before just outside of Fredericton called Woolastook. We knew our guards were up when there was "Boil Water Warning" all over the place. Being low on water, conservation was part of the plan. We started off the next morning with a healthy breakfast of yogurt and berries and a cup of coffee. Leaving camp is a little easier when it's only two people but we both admitted it still is a little weird not to have the rest of our group.

Our destination was Mirabel, Quebec. Gas and propane were first on our list. We stopped at a gas station and as Quinn was checking the air I offered to get him a coffee. He said okay but he wanted to get a Quiznos…I offered to get it for him…he said "No it's okay. I know you would want to fill it up with all those fillers, like lettuce and vegetables!" (Didn't we just have breakfast?) So much for the healthy blueberries and yogurt.

As we travelled the countryside we both noticed how the Newfoundland and Nova Scotia landscape reminded us of Ireland and Scotland, and Quebec reminded us of France with the rolling hills and farm lands. As we drove through the construction zone outside of Quebec City it brought back memories of the flat tire that Kerry had on that stretch and we could not stop in the construction zone. Many memories are flooding back as we travel backwards. For me it was very emotional. I continue to be so thankful to be able do a trip like this, and meet so many amazing people. As the afternoon continued on, the rains decided to show their ugly heads. The rain came in buckets! It reminded me of when Kerry and I were in Quebec City on our way through, on the open tour bus, and getting just soaked but just loving it.

The issue is we have this wiper problem. We only have one and thank heavens it's on the driver's side but even in this downpour our one wiper was hanging on for dear life. Quinn was out there in the pouring rain with a zip strap trying desperately to get it to hold together. You are probably wondering, why not just buy another wiper. Not as easy as it seems. Hard to find 32" wipers is not as easy as it sounds. I thought truck drivers must need these all the time. But Quinn, my trusty driver, pointed out that trucks have a much smaller windshield than our Starship. We have ordered one from "Ronda" our new closest friend (the parts woman in Florida for Damon) who said for sure it would be in St John's when we arrive. Not so much. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they will forward the wipers to Winnipeg so we will have a wiper-happy drive from Winnipeg on.

Quinn and I, as I have mentioned, have turned into CBC junkies. On the show I learned all about a new Netflix show called "Orange is the new Black". It's about a woman who went to prison for laundering money 11 years after she did the one time laundering for a friend. We got to our camp ground in Mirabel, and I made dinner for my driver. After dinner Q Dawg went to his bunk to watch his movies and as for me, I settled into my new series "Orange is the new Black". We were both happy and ready for a good night's sleep.

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