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Day 97 or Day 4 on the Return Trip Home

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We made a pact with each other that we would crack and sack early and try to be on the road by 8am since we had gained an hour. Did not quite turn out like that but we were heading out of Mirabel campground around 8:30. Being the Google navigator that I am I had us going out Hwy 50 until we had to make a diversion off the main road, as the map seemed to say, before we got back on the major hwy again... Well once again I think Google maps was wrong because we could have kept on that road but the good news is we were back in the country roads of Quebec reminding us of all those wonderful roads we had cycled on our way out.

We went through the tiny French villages of Papineauville which we would have never experienced on the major roads. Took us a bit longer but it was worth it. Both Quinn and I commented how already we could see the leaves changing. Is it all happening this fast?

As the afternoon progressed we listened to John Meyer and for me it always brings back memories. That was one of Riley's favourite albums. We would listen to it together. As I remembered back to those times with tears in my eyes I once again reflected on the enormous journey we have just completed...not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

We had planned to make it to Sudbury but decided to see how it all went and if we could go further, we would, because the next day would have been extremely ugly - almost 1,000 kms to Thunder Bay. As luck would have it, we pressed on. Totally getting into our audio book of Jack Reacher we were destined to Blind River which was 184 kms further. With the easterly sun in our faces through a windshield that was the burial ground for every bug from here to St John's, Newfoundland, we pulled up to MacIvers campground. Hey, we've been here before. It was the place we stayed on our way through.

Nice guy - who said that this summer had been brutal for him but he expected the fall bookings to be way better because they are right in front of a river that has some of the best fishing around. Q Dawg and I were just getting ready to settle into our Friday night steak night and looked around and saw we were getting invaded by our noisy biting friends ...yes those deadly mosquitoes ...we had visions of Hammer Lake all over. We vowed not to go outside once we got our steaks off the BBQ and sealed up the Starship like never before. We had learned our lesson coming through when staying at Hammer Lake in Northern Ontario - those mosquitoes have no mercy! Luck would have it… we were safe from the beasts. I settled down with a cup of tea and another episode of "Orange is the New Black" on my Netflix and soon nodded off to sleep.

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