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Day 98 or Day 5 on the Road

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We left our stomping grounds of MacIvers Campground fairly early as we knew we had a pretty exhausting ride ahead of us - to Thunder Bay. With Blind River at our back and Sault Ste Marie ahead of us I knew the fuel I had to give my driver: lots of coffee and pepperoni sticks. Amazing what kids can survive on, but that's Quinn's fuel of choice and I am not going to mess with anything that works. Before we knew it we were turning the corner and saw the mighty Lake Superior. All as I can say is: it's beautiful and it's big. Once we turned that corner we also knew that we would be out of 3G range so CBC was going to have to be put on hold. It was either Jack Reacher or a toss up for finding music that we could both tolerate. The good news is both of us have a pretty good range and know not to go too deep into areas that are questionable!!!

Driving through the great Canadian Shield makes you realize how massive and impressive this country is of ours. I honestly could not believed that we had biked up these hills. They were long and fairly steep. I know we both commented at times they seemed harder than the Rockies but now travelling through them in "reverse" it will be interesting to see what I think of the Rockies. I was also so grateful that we listened to our dear friends at Norco. The winds were wild and I can only imagine biking against them. We had a hard enough time keeping the mighty Starship travelling in a straight line.

We stopped for lunch in Wawa, Ontario, must be the home of the big geese as they were all over the place - on the buildings, lamp posts, everywhere. I had a craving for a hamburger. Bad idea. I ate it and I thought I would explode for the rest of the afternoon. One of those homemade ones at a stand. No fast food hamburger places to be found in Wawa. It was not bad but just way too much for someone who is sitting on her butt for 9 hrs. Big mistake - won't be doing that again!

We needed to find a place to rest the Starship for the night so I called the KOA in Thunder Bay. I must tell you if you are ever RVing or camping, KOA are the place to go. They are consistent and always have such lovely people who run and own the locations. I explained on the phone who we were and what we were doing and they said of course we will comp your campground. It would be an honour she said. We pulled in around 8 pm, registered and I gave the young girl a copy of my book for the owner as a thank you for their generosity. Q Dawg had wanted to make tacos for dinner so that is what we did. It was another early to bed as we wanted to be on the road early as our destination tomorrow was Winnipeg - to see the family and yes celebrate my sister Cath's birthday. As we were leaving the campground I ran into the owner. I thanked her again and she responded, "It's the least we could do and I am so looking forward to reading your thank you."

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