Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kerry's Final Blog

By on Sun, Sep 15, 2013 at 10:11 PM

With the discipline and perseverance that we were able to muster across Canada so many times before, we sprang out of bed, bolted down an egg muffin and coffee and hydro dressed, for the last leg (a grunt extraordinaire actually), out into the pouring rain. Ahh, what the hell: "Been der done dat."

It warmed our wet hearts to hear the cheer of riders waiting to accompany us outside, including Greg Diamond, Joan Swain, Aaron Lawton, Dawn Titus, and Iron Maiden Christine Sutter, who donated all proceeds from her achievement only 3 days before to our cause. Super charged Board member Sue Rea and her pal Marliea Creighton joined us at the Husky later. The ride was wet but fun with wise cracks flowing and cars honking all the way up. Greg took on the role of photographer whipping ahead for some prime shots and video. The municipality had prepared a warm welcome in the Olympic Plaza, but due to the weather Carol moved it to Millennium Place.

Amidst all the excitement we had climbed Hydro Hill before we knew it, soon after being waved into the Plaza by well-organized volunteers (many thanks guys and gals), where we were greeted by a large mob of friendly faces. What a great feeling to be welcomed back to the home we love after 93 days on the road! With no time to change we had to drip dry and soon were shivering in our seats in My Place, greeted first by old friend and mayor (her name was McGill but she called herself Lil, but everyone knew her as Nancy), Morden. Following summaries by Gin and myself, Andy Szocs, Christine Sutter and Ashleigh Demerit (nee McIvor), rounded out the rally. After a piece of cake (again many thanks),Gin and I peddled home in the rain, no fanfare, just my well thighed beauty and I dreaming of a cold one (Coors light) and a hot one (skinny in our hot tub), before preparing for our homecoming party courtesy of the fabulous Gibbons family.

And the party, if you're wondering was typical greatness. Imagine all your pals together, tired but energized after a big uphill climb in a hard rain, with a Longhorn spread that could feed the 6th Army and Dick and Colleen smiling and laughing around every corner. Sweet! A super ending to a super trip for such a worthy cause. I speak for Ginny and I when I say: WE DID IT CANADA and you know the key...WE DID IT TOGETHER.


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