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K1s on podium at Cypress

11-12 year olds top skiers

By Andrew Mitchell

While K2s were testing out their speed in Whistler, the Whistler Mountain Ski Club K1s (ages 11 to 12) tested out their turns at a giant slalom and Kombi at Cypress this past weekend.

In the women’s GS, Whistler skiers Kailee Darlington, Kaylie Higgs and Charley Field swept the podium, with Taryn Mark, Rae Swette, Morgan Taylor and Shawna Oser rounding out the top-10 in fifth, seventh, ninth and 10 th respectively.

For the boys, Broderick Thompson took the silver medal, followed by Logan Pehota in fourth, Blake Ramsden in seventh, Brodie Seeger in eighth and Rowdy Reeves in 10 th .

The afternoon event was a Kombi race, which combines elements of slalom, giant slalom and super-G races into the same course with different gate sections. This is the first time athletes will be able to earn points in Kombi.

Kailee Darlington picked up her second gold for the women, followed again by Kaylie Higgs. Taryn Mark, Charley Field, Emma King, Alexandra Oullette and Shawna Oser also placed in the top-10.

Broderick Thompson won gold for the boys, followed by Matthew Segal in second and Logan Pehota in third. Rowdy Reeves, John McIver, Kyle Gardiner, Bryan Cadman, Connor Dunn and Blake Ramsden filled out the top-10.

On Sunday, athletes took part in a pair of Kombi races. Kailee Darlington picked up two more gold medals with strong showings in both events. In the first race Kaylie Higgs pulled out the bronze, while Taryn Mark, Carley Field Alexandra Ouellette, Hsawna Oser, Hilary Drake and Picabo Reeves rounded out the top-10.

Logan Pehota picked up a silver in the morning event, while Brodie Seger picked up a bronze. The top-10 included Broderick Thompson, Bryan Cadman, Matthew Segal, and Brian Shannon.

Broderick Thompson picked up his second gold in the afternoon, while Alexander Smith picked up the bronze medal. In the top-10 were Matthew Segal, Rowdy Reeves, Logan Pehota, Kyle Gardiner and Brodie Seger.