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Neufeld explains why parents matter

Father of five offers ‘simple advice’

A developmental psychologist "with a reputation for being able to make sense of complex problems and open doors for change" will be making a presentation in Whistler about the importance of parenting.

On Monday, April 18 Dr. Gordon Neufeld will be discussing many of the topics he covers in his book, Hold On To Our Kids: Why Parents Matter, at MY Millennium Place.

In his book, which is co-authored by noted Vancouver doctor Gabor Mate, Neufeld argues that the pressures of modern society put many parent/child relationships in jeopardy.

But throughout his book he offers simply advice to help parents commit to their children while attempting to balance everything else in their life.

The discussion gets underway at 7 p.m. For more information on Neufeld, who is a father of five, look up