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Alta States is all about celebrating the many — and varied — voices of the Whistler community (in its broadest definition). So in this very first column of 2008, I’ve decided to step back and let some of them speak to you directly. Listen well. There’s a lot of wisdom in these words…

Roger McCarthy: “Get out of your office, put your skis on and go check out the mountain for yourself… Let’s make sure we keep reminding each other just how special this place really is.”

Peter Alder: “I want Whistlerites to be able to control their own destinies. I want our young people to feel involved in their future.”

Rob Boyd: “If people reach out and aim just a little higher than what they’re comfortable with, they’ll find that there are a lot more winning opportunities out there for them.”

Chris Prior: “We’re trying to create a business that also values a healthy lifestyle. To me, success means being able to surf and test product on the mountain as much as being able to pay the bills at the end of the month…”

Jim McConkey: “My goals in life have always been to have as much fun as possible and make people happy. That to me is way more important than how much money you make — or how much power you yield…”

Shelagh Bridgewater: “The gift of working with very young children is that they help you put things in perspective. They rekindle that spark of having fun no matter what you are doing. They constantly challenge you to keep things exciting.”

Jack Turner: “It’s the wet gloves, long drives, storms and other ‘inconveniences’ that will really bond a parent and kid. The so-called down times are just as important as the ultimate powder run or picnic lunch. Both are key to making memories that will last forever.”

Arthur De Jong: “I’m convinced of at least one thing. As the rest of the world gets more polluted and ugly, those places that manage to protect their environmental integrity will prosper.”

Paul Mathews: “No matter what business you’re in — no matter how successful you’ve been in the past — you can’t sit back and rest on your laurels. You have to continually re-invent yourself. In order for Whistler to move forward, we have to re-invent who we are.”


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