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Peter Ladner: Sometimes nice guys do finish first

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I didn’t think the guy had a hope in hell. He was way too nice a person. Far too willing to play by the rules. Didn’t matter that he was perfectly suited to the job. Or that he represented a way of life that truly reflected modern West Coast sensibilities. In this era of intimidation politics, backroom deals and bovine party tactics, I thought he’d get chewed up in the process and trashed like yesterday’s news.

I’m happy to say I was mistaken. Against all odds and despite the media’s total dismissal of his campaign, a Snoweater is now one of the principal candidate for the mayor’s job in Vancouver. And I couldn’t be happier for my brother-in-law.

Yeah. Yeah. I’m not trying to hide it. Peter Ladner and I are related. Been that way for over a quarter century now. So I’m biased. Sue me. Still, I’m going to spare you all the pap about what a great guy he is. Rather, I’d like to share some stories with you about his 45-year connection to this patch of mountains…

Why? Because I think it’s exciting to have a mayoral candidate in Vancouver who has such enduring ties to Whistler. And very physical ones too. I mean, this is no poser. This isn’t the politico who buys a fancy place at Nicklaus North, dons a pair of rear-entry boots and Bogner outfit for a photo op and teeters down the bunny hill to his next fundraiser.

No. Peter Ladner is definitely Old School Whistler. Been coming here since the place opened. Since before that even. Owns a modest little condo at Creekside that he and his wife and his four kids use as base camp for their myriad mountain adventures. And he loves Whistler for all the right reasons.

Right reasons? Yeah, c’mon now, you know what I’m talking about:

This is a guy who happily sports tatty hand-me-down gear on a grizzly, stormy Whistler day — a day when most sane 59 year olds wouldn’t even consider being on the hill — while gleefully riding deep fluff in the trees with his grown-up kids. This is a guy who thinks a worthy running challenge consists of racing the Rubble Creek Classic. And winning the race.

Not convinced? Consider this: at the infamous Knee Knackering trail run on the North Shore a few years ago, Ladner had his own 40-and-over record obliterated by Whistler’s Kevin Titus — only to break the standing 50-and-over record in turn…

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