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A writer’s confession: Ten reasons for loving Whistler

click to enlarge Whistler Style Many an exhibitionist has called Whistler home. Chili Thom doing his part during one of many legendary parties
  • Whistler Style Many an exhibitionist has called Whistler home. Chili Thom doing his part during one of many legendary parties

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As Bobby Zimmerman once wrote, “the times they are a changing.” And if we can’t make those crucial alterations in our way of doing things, we risk quickly becoming obsolete. “In times of transition like this,” David Perry said in the first-ever Alta States column, “the decisions that are made by the people in power have huge consequences. Now, more than ever, Whistlerites have to reflect on the true nature of this place. They have to focus on what makes this resort community special. And then they have to make sure that their vision is respected!”

Let me put it to you bluntly. While the Aspen Skiing Company is spending oodles of dough to underwrite one of the biggest solar array projects in Colorado, Intrawest is investing in one of the biggest energy-consuming capital projects ever at Whistler. Which one is more sustainable? And which one reflects best our 2020 vision?

I’d love to have that discussion in an open forum. So yes, I totally agree with Colorado resident R. Schwartz who wrote a letter to the Pique a few weeks ago suggesting we should develop more of a point/counterpoint exchange in these pages. In fact, that’s what I’ve been trying to do all along…

Indeed, I would much rather have a rip-snorting debate with W/B CEO Dave Brownlie over the viability of private clubs on public land instead of being attacked in the letter-to-the-editor section for my personal shortcomings (and not for the facts quoted in the column). Interested Dave?

Sadly it all comes down to the bully factor (or the perceived bully factor). “ You're right, I should (write a letter to the editor),” said an Alta States supporter recently. “But I won't. Because like countless other drones in this corridor, I rely on WB to pay the rent. And you can bet your life that we are all expected to fall into line — whether we are employees, associates or contractors…”

But in the end, that’s neither here nor there. Either you love Whistler — and you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and fight for its future (in whichever form you believe it should take) — or you’re just a carpetbagger along for the ride. I know in which camp I stand. What about you?

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