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Robert Joncas – Making the Olympic move west


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Although a North Shore resident for the short term, Joncas is increasingly being tempted by the lifestyle he sees at Whistler. "Every time I'm on the mountain, it's always 'Wow!' Good weather, bad weather, fog, rain or snow, I'm totally blown away by Whistler's physical plant. And of course there's the locals' scene. The people are so outgoing, so friendly here. 'Hey Bob,' a friend will tell me. 'Follow me. I'll show you what this place is really all about.' And I get to fall in love with Whistler all over again..."

So what about the future? Any thoughts of setting down roots in Sea to Sky? "That would be a dream come true for me," he admits. "I'm not sure what's going to happen after the Games. But I'll have invested five years in the national team program by then and maybe it will be time to move on. Who knows?"

But what Joncas does know is that southwestern B.C. is going to play a big role in his and his family's life for some time to come. "My kids both got over 120 days on snow last winter. We travelled all over the province. It was an amazing experience." He stops speaking again. Resumes in a more serious tone. "People keep telling us how lucky we are to be living in B.C. Well, I can tell you, there was very little luck involved. We chose to come here. And it wasn't easy. It took the better of a year for us to get properly acclimatized to this place."

Leave it to the kids to have the last word though. "On a trip back to Bromont this winter," says Robert, "my son David turned to me and said: 'I never realized it before, but this place kind of sucks dad.'" He stops speaking again. Grins like a little kid. "That's when I knew that our move to B.C. had been a good one..."



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