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"So by the time they walk through the door they have a smile and ‘teach me’ written all over them."

Daly believes the success of Myrtle Philip school lies in the relationships between those who work there, the parents and children, and the community in the form of the RMOW.

He is hopeful that as the school moves toward coping with the changes wrought by the funding cuts of the provincial Liberal government these partnerships will steady its course.

"As far as our community goes we are a community of people who face change everyday,’ said Daly.

"We are a community of entrepreneurs, and risk takers who look at things not for the problems but rather for the opportunities. So I think we have a real leg-up on a lot of other communities facing similar problems.

"We also have a community that knows how to mobilize its resources.

"I think too that I have been aware that this is a town of service industries and we have been able to embrace that here.

"We are a service industry where our service is the education of children. Our clients are the children and the parents and I think that we have worked as hard as we can to serve them well and I think most of the kids and parents are pretty happy about being here, and I like that."

While strongly believing that any school’s success is a community effort Daly hopes he has managed to add a focus of "kids first" at Myrtle Philip.

"I’ve tried to put the children first in the decisions that we make here," he said.

Daly still does recess and lunch supervision and is still awed by a child’s ability to play.

"Watching them play with one another and making up their own games, not organized stuff at all, but to see them interact with each other so well and just playing so hard, it’s amazing," he said.

"When they play they are making all these micro-decisions about how they interpret rules. But they are doing it among themselves. They are not relying on anyone to do it for them and the more they can do that the better, because when they have to make some of those bigger decisions they are going to have some experiences in decision making."

And Daly believes that Whistler kids really know how to play. He noticed as soon as he moved here from Surrey that local kids were far more active.

He puts it down to modelling. Moms and Dads are active here, they get their kids involved early and physical sport is as much a part of life as breathing.

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