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What was not covered in the FPB report is that if the CP 16 clear cut patches were to proceed last year, the profit coming back to the community of N’Quatqua may have been something like $3 or $4 per old growth tree. It would have been an act of gross exploitation by the Ministry of Forests and Range. I wonder who gets all the profit from selling old growth timber after the band gets a little “chum” change?

Community members are encouraged to get involved by voicing their concerns about the activities affecting our lands and resources. Currently, the disputed Blackwater Mushroom patch is in its seventh week of hosting a peaceful protest. Once again the MoF and MoE seem to have ignored wildlife habitat here, not to mention the St’at’imc cultural use of the land, among other things. Please visit the website at to find out more.

I say let’s work together, participate, ask more questions, and attend meetings to support the efforts of our band and local leaders in the work ahead that is much needed to continue to examine how our land and resources could be managed with a lot more sense than it has in the past. All land and resource matters are St’at’imc issues. I speak for the interest of our St’at’imc children; this is my responsibility.

There is much to learn, get informed, and the people have the opportunity to exercise their authority to express out loud and then follow-up with what needs to be done. St’at’imc people and our children are the rightful owners of the land.

There needs to be a serious review of forestry practices in this province. How does the proper community consultation process take place, step by step, in a way that respects the culture and the traditions that belong to the aboriginal people? If we want a sustainable future, destructive resource extraction that flies in the face of sound environmental practices and of the constitutionally-protected Native Rights can no longer be accepted. Otherwise, what are we to tell our children?

Mariko Kage



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