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Congratulations to our winners!


Package No. 1 Winner

Irene Rankin

A gorgeous man side-swiped me coming down Catskinner on Blackcomb, breaking my leg in two places. He came to visit me at the hospital the next day... We've been married for four years on February 10th!


Package No. 2 Winner

Kourtney McKercher

He looked at me one morning and said, "Love, you're like an old rusty truck. I've invested too much time and money into you to let you go now!"


Package No. 3 Winner

Heather Paul

I knew I was in love when I, a self-admitted urban princess, couldn't keep myself away from the white-haired young man who lived in a van in lot 8. I knew our love was committed when building a life with Al became more important than flowers, parties, or dinners out.  I know our love is present in the miracle baby boy we welcomed in July, conceived on hope alone. And as my herculean husband fights brain cancer, I know our love lives forever in a glance; in a hug; in the immortal heart that we share.

Package No. 4 Winner

Yasmin Haufschild

We had been dating for three months when we departed for Guatemala on a two-week adventure. At one point during the vacation, we ended up in a restaurant located inside a car mechanic's garage. We were starving, and against our better judgement, proceeded to dine on prawns and chicken as the mechanic rotated a set of tires. For the next few days, Dave held my hair as I hugged the toilet bowl, and I poured him Pepto Bismol shooters. We'd compete to see who made less trips to the washroom. My brain started to telepathically tell Dave I loved him, but I refused to be the first person to say it. I was doing well until one night over dinner, while Dave was telling me a story, I glanced at my cappucino and said "That's because I love you." The statement had no correlation to his story, and it made me turn beet red. He looked at me with a smirk and asked "What did you just say?" I responded, "Nothing. I was just telling my coffee how good it is".


Package No. 5 Winner

Jessica Averiss

I knew I was in love when... I forgot the poles to our tent.  It was our very first weekend away together and we had decided to go camping.  Excited to show that I was "outdoorsy ," I volunteered to bring  the tent.  After a long haul we arrived at our weekend destination at dusk with empty stomachs and looming clouds overhead. We divided up the arrival duties and I eagerly offered to set up our home for the weekend.  It took almost twenty minutes for me to muster up the words, "Kirk, I forgot the poles" and by that time, the words were laced with a few tears.  It took less than one second for a huge smile to come across his face followed by the most perfect words, "It's ok, this is just like a team-building exercise, I'll go grab my ropes and you go scout out some trees".  It poured all night but with Kirk's imagination and sense of adventure we were able to create an even better home then I could have ever imagined. Several years, and many amazing moments later, I still think back to that one sentence and fall back in love all over again.

Package No. 6 Winner

Katie Green

I kept getting hit in the head. I was learning how to box and he was my sparring partner. I had to keep eye contact to anticipate his moves and his eyes were just so dreamy.  My concentration would slip and so would my hands and "POW" - I would get a remonstration from my coach to pay attention and a smile from him. He really knocked my socks off in more ways than one. And still does.

Thank you  to everyone who entered!


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