Best of Pemberton 

A subjective look at what makes Spud Valley so special

Sometimes living in Pemberton is a little like looking for the forest when you’re caught in the trees. To remind everyone that Pemberton has some pretty great things going for it, here’s the first — and definitely not annual — Subjective Best of Pemberton. Look for an online survey in late spring for the Pique’s first ever Best of Pemberton to appear in Summer 2007. In the meantime:



Best Landmark

The Stop Light

There’s only one traffic light in town so you can’t miss it and it sounds great when you use it to provide directions to someone who lives in the city. “Once you leave Whistler, keep going for about 20 miles until you come to the stop light …” Try saying this to someone from the West End and I guarantee you will hear the fear rising in their throats. Hum the theme from Deliverance for added effect.


Best Transportation

3-Wheeled Strollers

Nine out of 10 pre-toddlers swear by this method — or they would if they had enough muscle control to articulate actual words. Environmentally friendly, these usually mom-powered vehicles are immensely popular in Pemberton. However, this could be the precursor to a frightening upcoming trend: Roaming Tricycle Gangs. Watch for rampaging thongs of toddlers in 2007-08.


Best Use of Boulders

Village Barriers

Last year, on Earth Day, a number of ugly concrete road barrier were replaced with less ugly boulders. The boulders continue to mysteriously appear around town. (Most recently, the parking lot adjacent to the elementary school was geologically gifted.) They are great deterrents to aberrant parking behaviour, as well as an ironic post-modern homage to The Flintstones .


Best Act of Community Piracy

Free HBO Scam of 2004

In 2004, there was a two-month period where we “accidentally” received free HBO on our community TV band. Watching Sex and The City long before most Canadians had the opportunity felt, well, incredibly superior. This was a happy accident that warrants repeating. (I have a ladder I would be willing to lend…)


Best Excuse Not to Leave Pemberton

The Barn Dance

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