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Christopher Quinlan 

Candidate profile

Hockey Card:

Occupation: Manager, Whistler Farmers Market, Councillor at RMOW

Furthest place travelled? Halifax.

Describe yourself using five words or less: Detail, goal-orientated. Strategic. Passionate.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? That this question left me without a response; I mean I've been on stage in women's clothing many times, so what is left?


Profile Questions

What do you see as the top election issues? The top election issue is always budget and taxes. Budget and taxes are always influenced by the economy, so it follows that ensuring the RMOW facilitates a strong local economy is an issue. Management of our municipal assets is critical.

Council accountability is an issue. We have to ensure that the constituents of Whistler are getting good value from their council representatives and that they take responsibility for their actions.

Communication is an issue we are struggling with. The role of the RMOW is to provide information, not spin. Information on how RMI funding works needs to be clarified.

How would you address the budget shortfall? When this term began, I dedicated it to ensuring the RMOW was in a better financial position. We have achieved this. Our reserves were depleted by the lack of political will to address the upcoming challenges of reduced revenues through the Class 1/6 ruling ($2.1million) and resort build-out. They are now back at acceptable levels. Raiding reserves and selling off assets will put future generations at serious financial risk.

I will continue to work within our Long-Term Financial Plan to manage costs and drive revenues outside of property taxes.

The recommendations of the service review of both transit and the RMOW will be implemented and monitored. These efficiencies will result in annual operational savings for years to come. The RMOW has reached a state of stasis, and the services we provide must reflect that state.

Did you know the service review is only the first step in bringing RMOW operational costs in line with our resort community needs?

I will work to ensure we continue to receive the RMI grant and that it is utilized to drive business to the resort. We could lose the four years of $6.5 million in RMI funding.

What do you think is the RMOW's role in boosting tourism? See below.

What would you do to enhance the environment for business? I will ensure that we are able to retain the RMI funding from the province. This is a $6.5 million piece of our budget that is dedicated to driving tourism. It is critical to the success of the resort. I will continue to work with the business enhancement committee and resort partners to facilitate a strong business environment.

Did you know that the Festivals Events and Animation program was driven by a Business Enhancement Committee initiative?

Give an example of a difficult situation you have overcome: I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane that was going to land. At 2,700 feet my parachute did not open properly. This was my second jump ever. I went through the procedures they taught me in the one-hour lesson. When it would still not open fully, I pulled the reserve chute. It opened, but was "spun up" because I was spinning through the air. I began kicking my feet in the opposite direction and eventually had a fully open chute. I had about 300 feet of altitude left. While I was falling, the instructor told my classmates "don't look, he's dead,"

I did not panic. I had paid attention to the information given to me in the class. I used that information to make the best decisions I could in order to get a fully operational parachute. I walked out of the cornfield I had landed in, with a broken back. I always pay attention to the information I am given, it allows me to make better decisions.

Where can people go to get your election platform?

Website is , Twitter @quinlancp or Facebook Vote Chris Quinlan for council.

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