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Clearing the blockage 

Writers offer antidotes and anecdotes on overcoming the blank screen

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So. I am not going anywhere. I have to sit here and write. I don't care if it is good. It probably isn't good. The other stuff is quite good. So, what will I write about today. Chapter Six? No. Maybe I’ll start Chapter Eight. No. Man that screen is just staring at me. Maybe I’ll just freeflow write for a bit. On what I know. What do I know? Well, I know for damn sure that I am trying as hard as I can to find a sensible reason not to do what I love most to do. I think I need a hair tie. My hair is bugging me.


“I don't believe in writer's block. I think better words… (are) fear, procrastination, lack of imagination and/or over worked. If (it) exists, I'd charge it as a symptom... Writer's block just means I haven't stocked my desk drawer with enough chocolate.” – Nicole Fitzgerald

(Incidentally there is a site that recommends chocolate for writer’s block)


Is what I am experiencing procrastination or writer's block? Procrastination is such an unpleasant word, especially for one that starts with such a peppy affirmative syllable. But there is something weak, guilty and covert about the word “procrastination”. Couldn’t be that. Writer’s block? Well, isn’t that more of a phase in the creative process, a passing ailment, a necessary uncomfortable state, albeit a bit self-indulgent artsy-sounding. Let’s check the internet.

Wikipedia cites writer’s block as:

“Writer's block is a phenomenon involving temporary loss of ability to continue writing, usually due to lack of inspiration or creativity.”

  Hmm. Okay, and so my current mood could be more of a preemptive stage of writer’s block. Maybe that’s what this is. I read on…

“Writer's block can be closely related to depression and anxiety, two disorders that reflect environmentally-caused or spontaneous changes in the brain's frontal lobe.”

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