Webby Awards Part III

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In mid-June the International Academy of Digital Arts and Design will be awarding the best of the best on the Internet in a variety of categories from Activism to Weird. In addition there will be a people’s choice award, as well as quantity awards for sites based on the number of visitors to those sites.

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Last week we went from Broadband to Education. This week will look at Fashion through Government & Law.


Hint Fashion Magazine ( ) – "Chic Happens" is one of the regular features on this site. Clothes, hair and the people who make style happen.

Lumiere Magazine ( ) – I can’t figure what’s on this site for the life of me, but there is some cool Oriental lettering. Very hot right now.

SoWear ( ) – More features on clothes, hair and fashion "personalities".

Style ( ) – More fashion stuff presented by Vogue and W. Magazines. Magazine ( – See above. If you haven’t guessed I don’t know much about fashion, and therefore feel uncomfortable when confronted by a model with bright red air, green eye shadow and a leopard-print hat.


Donnie Darko ( ) – This is the official Web site of a new independent movie about Donnie Darko, a 16-year-old plagued by hallucinations inspired by fantasy and science fiction.

IFILM ( ) – iFilm is a warehouse of independent movies, videos, trailers, animations, shorts, clips, fan tributes, trailers, commercials and television shows. It’s huge. Find an ISP that allows unlimited high-speed bandwith, and get watching.

Metacritic ( ) – Trailers and reviews from professional reviewers are collected and indexed to come up with metaratings on popular movies, videos, music and video games.

Waking Life ( www.wakinglifemovie ) – The official Web site for the critically acclaimed Hollywood move Waking Life. Mind-blowing art with a so-so plot and narrative, or so I’m told.

Without A Box ( ) – Without A Box helps independents get into the big festivals, but also shares the work with the wider audience of the Web.


10K Wizard ( ) – This site tracks submissions to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, helping you to stay ahead of possible market changes.

Financial Engines ( ) – Investment advisory services through the Web.

Marketocracy ( ) – A game based on the actual stockmarket. You get $1 million in virtual dollars to build a portfolio, test your theories, systems, whatever. If you’re good enough, you just might get hired by a real fund.

Yahoo! Finance ( – Financial news you can use from Yahoo!, plus links to just about everywhere an investor might want to go.

Yodlee ( ) – "Yodlee is the leading provider of account aggregation services." If you know what that means, Yodlee could be for you.


Banja ( ) – Banja is a free gaming site with a variety of games you can play on your own or with a group. The main character is Banja the Rasta, who you will guide around the island, communicating with other island inhabitants looking for secrets. There’s a new episode each month with new story lines, scenes, games, music and gifts. ( ) – Electronic Arts is one of the leading producers of video games for computers and home consoles. Free games, demos, trivia, and product news is available on the Web site.

Gamastura ( ) – Gamastura is a site dedicated to "The Art & Science of Making Games." Most of the stuff is too advanced for the lay person, but if you’re a serious gamer, or want to get into the business, bookmark this site.

Netbaby ( ) – A bunch of free Web games featuring the same group of characters. Sometimes simple, but always cool.

Pop Cap Games ( ) – "Here at PopCap we’re dedicated to creating simple, deep games that everyone can enjoy… That means all our titles are 100 per cent java, playable right from your browser, loading in seconds even on a slow modem connection."

Government & Law

Copyright Website ( ) – The copyright issues of the Web broken down (with samples) for computer users. You can also copyright the material on your own Web site.

Council on Foreign Relations ( ) – "A Center for the Study and Practice of International Affairs and U.S. Foreign Policy." A high-brow interpretation of U.S. foreign relations and domestic issues.

Library of Congress ( – The Web site of the Library of Congress, including access to a huge depository of online collections.

NASA ( ) – The official site of NASA, with content for everybody from scientists to school children.

U.S. Geological Survey ( ) – A centre for the natural sciences "through our scientific excellence and responsiveness to society’s needs." In a nutshell, the earth sciences with in-depth information on natural disasters and natural resources.

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