Webby Awards Part VI

This is the last week of the Webby Awards, and I for one am glad. With five nominees in each of the 27 different categories, I’ve visited, compared and rated 135 different Web sites on everything from teen pregnancy to political advocacy to mathematics. I’ve picked my favourites, but the outcome is up to the panel of judges and whatever criteria they use when deciding how to vote.

It’s not as easy as picking the Oscars – none of the Web sites featured Tom Hanks, or had a central character die dramatically in the last ten minutes.


Nothing against the other religions represented in this category, but the two Zen Buddhism sites took the cake. Zen at is just awesome – there’s no other way to describe this breathtaking interactive introduction to the basics of Zen Buddhism. It’s funny, the graphics are cool, and it actually made me want to learn more. Aside from the interactive section, there’s not a lot else going on at this site.

As a runner-up then, I chose BuddhaNet at , a hub for all things Zen. It’s typically laid back, and I never got the feeling that they were recruiting people to shave their heads and hang out at airports. It’s just the facts, but with the spiritual feeling woven in.


Because three 24-hour sports networks, dozens of sports magazines and the usual newspaper sports sections are not enough, sport Web sites account for a large chunk of my surfing time. It’s also the best way to read about the sports that you are actually interested in – the mainstream news rarely devotes air-time or white space to freeskiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking, rugby, ultimate, or dozens of other sports that Canadians play.

For general news reporting and sports editorials, ESPN and CBS Sportsline Web sites at and are right on top of what’s going on in dozens of different sports. While the major headlines will always be footballs, basketball, baseball and hockey, you can dig a little deeper to find out what’s going on in your sports. I think ESPN will win and CBS will be the runner-up, but the opposite could happen.

I’d also like to give a nod to Planet Rugby at . Most Canadian’s don’t know much about our national team, or appreciate just how good they are. The games and highlights from the games are rarely televised, and most newspapers don’t seem to care, yet it is a huge sport across the country, with clubs in towns and cities from one of the country to the next. Planet Rugby is right on top of everything that’s going on the Rugby world, including the Canadian Team. Last week, with Canada narrowly losing a bruiser to Argentina in the Pan-Am cup and Canada gearing up to play England at home, there were six different articles on the splash page that involved our national team in some way. I encourage all rugby fans to check this site out, Webby or not.

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