The best sites you?ve never heard of

On Magazine (, formerly known as Time Digital, has put together an interesting feature on some of the best Web sites that you?ve probably never heard of.

I spend a little bit of time online looking for sites that are interesting or a little out of the ordinary for this column, and I?ve come across a few of the sites, but for the most part it was an adventure and an education.

It?s particularly interesting to note that all of the sites have an interactive element, making use of the full potential of the Internet.

No matter where you live, chances are there?s a satellite up there with a camera trained on your neighbourhood. There?s no need to pull down the blinds or put pants on, however ? while they can zoom in on your house, all they?ll see is roof. You might want to cover up the skylight.

This service allows you to view up-to-date satellite photos of the world. Just enter your address, city and postal code into the boxes, and this site will give you a map from MapQuest and an aerial photo.

It seems you can?t trust many movie reviewers these days, which is too bad because it seems like five movies come out every single week. The problem is that media companies and the entertainment industry are becoming increasingly consolidated, with media moguls owning both the movie production houses and the newspapers, magazines and television programs that review movies.

While we don?t have a lot of choice in Whistler compared to the city, it?s still two hours out of your life ? make them count! Rotten Tomatoes is primarily a movie review site that compiles the ratings and comments submitted by actual viewers. The reviews are averaged out to give you an overall rating.

While you may not agree with the mass verdict, you have to consider that everyone went to the movie with the same general expectation as you, and that is to be entertained.

That?s also why you should submit reviews, to help your fellow man save two hours and $8.50 ? to give credit where credit is due, and lob a rotten tomato when your disappointment gets the best of you.

Chowhound is a culinary version of the above Web site, collecting critical opinions of restaurants and recipes on the main page, and the opinions of everyone else on their message boards. It?s a bit awkward to browse through, but the threads of the web will become clearer as the critiques pile up. To find what you?re looking for under the basic thread of "Canada," hit CTRL F (Command F in Apple talk) type the name of the city or town you?re going to be in into the Finder, and read the posted comments.

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