How to keep that New Year's resolution

New Year's Resolution; Are there people out there taking some of the issues of the past and with a new resolve, making an effort to improve? Good for them and may they succeed.

Hopefully you didn't think your resolution out loud as someone out there would just as soon that you didn't succeed and will gladly help you not to. Knowing that you're a Whistlerite and maybe only temporarily so, here's my guess as to what your resolution might have been. You enjoy the outdoor activities that Whistler offers and you would like to be in better shape to enjoy them. If you're the competitive type, you'll also want to do them as well, or better than anyone of your age group does. Here are some great Web sites to get in shape with. Remember that the time spent in front of your computer will have a negative effect on fitness.

The first real taste of fitness and competition many of us had was at one of the Vancouver Sun Run events. Planning to run a 10 k race and actually accomplishing it is a big personal boast. Check out this site for registration information and other useful stuff. This year we'll all be wearing a "Real Time Champion Chip," a small device that automatically records your race time. It starts when you cross the start line and stops when you cross the finish line, giving you an accurate 10km time.

Follow this site to "Our Programs" and then to "In Training" to get your 13-week training schedule for a 10km event. Whether, you're a walker or a speedy runner, there is a training schedule for you. This site also contains training tips and other athletic goodies

Thinking of testing your mettle in the gruelling 68 km mountain bike race in Squamish? Although the site still contains 2001 race information, I'm sure that it will soon be updated for this season. Keep checking this site for the 2002 race. It will surely sell out quickly.

We all need to be hydrated. Not to be confused with a common Whistler patio event, hydration and rehydration are major concerns to any fitness activity. This site has some great stuff on sports nutrition, dietary supplements, muscle cramps; causes and cures, a Coaches Corner with exercise tips. Their "Deep Body Tour" goes on to explain how Gatorade works in the various areas of your body. This is a can't miss site.

Thinking of trying triathlon? Swim, bike, run. Some are short distances like the Bob McIntosh triathlon in Squamish (1.5, 40, 10km) or the Whistler Triathlon, and some are long distances such as the Penticton Ironman (3.8, 180, 42km). This site gives useful information for the beginner as well as the pro. Also gives target heart rates, pace calculators, and body fat calculators.

This site belongs to Runners World Magazine and is a great running site. Like its most useful magazine, it contains training tips, product reviews, nutrition info, race calendars, and records & stats.

Did you ever want to know what percentage of fat that your body is made up of? Of course not. What about your ideal weight, or your body mass index, or your health risks? Probably not. Certainly you would want to know what your calorie requirements are and your protein needs, and your carbo needs, and certainly you would want to know how many calories skiing or snowboarding uses. This is a site with all the calculators for measuring what your body needs or uses. This site also contains nutritional info. What better way of keeping your New Year's Resolution than by knowing what kind of slob your are.

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