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I’ve been punched before for my actions, and sometimes those punches have drawn penalties that my team could capitalize from.

Over the years I’ve learned that everybody cheats, everybody exaggerates, and everybody does their best to confuse and befuddle the referee. It’s part of the game, and for the most part the players accept it.

In baseball, players try to turn strikes into balls by pretending to dodge inside throws and by stepping away from outside throws like they weren’t even close.

In hockey, the best goalies are the ones that push their own nets off the posts, and push goals back over the line. The best defencemen are the guys that can interfere with such a subtle touch that they’re never caught. The best forwards always look on-side, and even take dives to draw penalties if they’re ever hooked from behind.

In basketball, I defy you to name one superstar who doesn’t regularly travel or palm the ball on their way to the hoop. And the hacking, my God the hacking.

In football, the guys on the line are always trying to psyche their opposite number into stepping off-side. Quarterbacks throw the ball to the sideline and through the endzone to stop the clock that are just close enough to one of their receivers to make it plausible – guys like Brett Favre have turned this into an art form.

I submit that using technology to officiate games will rob an athlete of his or her ability to cheat now and then, which is equally as human in nature as making the occasional bad call. Deprived of their ability to put on a performance for the fans, officials and the opposite team, the players might as well be robots.

Mr. Burns, the evil nuclear power plant owner on The Simpsons said it best – "I've always felt that there's far too much hysteria these days about so-called cheating… If you can take advantage of a situation in some way, it's your duty as an American to do it. Why should the race always go to the swift or the jumble to the quick-witted? Should they be allowed to win merely because of the gifts God gave them? Well, I say cheating is the gift man gives himself!"

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