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So far summer in Whistler has been a nice mix of rain and sun.

Last summer’s drought, though nice and warm, made it impossible to get any work done. I’m one of those people who feel compelled to make the most of every nice day, soaking up every minute of daylight like it was the last day on earth. The only problem is that when you spend every waking moment outdoors, laundry doesn’t get done, letters don’t get written, bills don’t get sorted, dishes don’t get washed, bathrooms don’t get clean, and your computer gets lonely.

Obviously somebody spends their summer indoors because, like the movie industry, a lot of the top games get introduced while the kids are on vacation.

Here’s a look at some of the most recent developments in computer gaming.

City of Heroes –

Although no date has been set for release, it’s clear that the release of City of Heroes for PC is going to be massive, with fictional Paragon City growing in size and depth almost by the day.

If you’ve never heard of it, City of Heroes is an advanced role-playing game where you will be able to create your own superhero based on a wide selection of archetypes, arming them with powers and secret identities. You are given a family, a home base and training to use your powers.

You are then turned loose on the city, which is full of non player characters, hidden missions, and interactive items.

Some of the non-player characters will ask for your help, and can reward you with information and other bonuses if you come through.

In the course of your wanderings, you’ll run into hundreds, even thousands of other Heroes, which are being controlled remotely by other users. Some Heroes are good, some are bad and some are unaffiliated – some of them you’ll fight, and others you’ll team up with for missions and battles.

There are also groups of bad guys overrunning the city that the Heroes will be called upon to fight on a regular basis.

The beauty of this game is that it will never end. New story lines and missions are constantly added. At last count there were more than a hundred different powers out there, all which take a little bit of mastering.

And Paragon City is huge. It’s absolutely the biggest world that has ever been created for the gaming world, and it will take you some time to explore it, discovering new places, new arenas, and new missions.

If you do get bored, you can just create another character for yourself and get back into Paragon City. Each character will have different contacts, different missions, and different powers.


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