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It happens every year. It’s 5 o’clock, you have a Halloween party to go to in two hours and you don’t have any ideas for a costume – just a vague idea to wrap yourself in tinfoil, and pass yourself off as a baked potato.

Besides the obvious electrocution hazard, all this costume tells the world is that you’re about as a creative as, well, a baked potato, and that you have a working oven.

To help all the foil-wrapped spuds and tin-tubers out there, I’ve put together a list of Web sites on last-minute Halloween costumes that might just save Halloween this year.

Costume Idea Zone –

My favourites at this site were Brain Donor and Lost Doggie. For Brain Donor, all you need is a hospital gown, some black eye makeup, some gauze, some fake blood and a pickle jar with a large chunk of cauliflower – it’s fairly self-explanatory.

Lost Dog is a little more subtle. Drop by the Re-Use-It centre and get yourself the biggest clothes you can find, as well as a stuffed dog toy. Pad the clothes with whatever you can find, jam the dog in the butt crack, and walk around handing out flyers and asking people "Have you seen my dog?"

Costume Ideas –

The "Costumes made from boxes" section is pure home-made costume gold! Rubik’s Cube anyone?

Octane Creative –

The good people at Octane Creative are calling duct tape a "Halloween Costume on a Roll" and they’re not far off. Dozens of ideas involving wads of duct tape, whatever you have left over after the last Department of Homeland Security Orange Alert, and ordinary household items.

Halloween Magazine –

Follow these links to ideas. Some are lame, and some of the links don’t work, but maybe you’ll spot a decent idea in there for this weekend.

Your Movie Database –

This isn’t a costume store, exactly, but a Web site where people list their top-20 favourite movies, and can compare their lists with others. Since a lot of Halloween costumes come from movies, or have been featured in movies – one vampire flick after another it seems – it could be a good place to go for ideas and inspiration. I also recommend sports magazines, entertainment magazines – anything pop culture. Just looking at the news today there are articles about Siegfried and Roy (stuffed tiger, glue on sequins), magician David Blane (make a wire box and wrap it in celophane – don’t forget air holes), the SARS epidemic (facemasks anyone?), Mel Gibson (Mad Max and Braveheart costumes come to mind), Eminem (die your hair blond, put on a toque and a wifebeater, put some makeup under one eye, and trash talk your friends in rhyme), Johnny Cash (black clothes, guitar), and the Matrix (go shopping for sunglasses and pick a character). There’s eight good ideas from one edition of Google news.


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