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If you didn’t happen to make it to the Whistler. It’s Our Future workshop last Saturday (Nov. 15), it’s not too late to get involved.

Basically the municipality has tabled five different scenarios for the development of Whistler, and possibly the Callaghan Valley, in the future. Assuming our municipality takes our suggestions to heart in the Community Sustainability Plan, residents of Whistler have a unique opportunity to suggest what route future developments will follow.

Judging by the real estate guides, there is more than enough housing for millionaires in this town. What’s needed is more housing for staff and residents, the people that make this town function.

The sticky thing is that any new approved housing projects will force Whistler to readjust, or completely abandon, the bed unit cap that was set to keep this town liveable. As it is, the slopes and parks can get pretty crowded at times.

Adding more bed units to town will likely create more demand on public services, but I would argue that adding new staff restricted bed units will only compensate for the inevitable sale-off of market housing to the highest bidder. In other words, all the staff housing that is being lost when older homes are torn down and replaced with million dollar "chalets" will be replaced and protected from the market. Most of those new million dollar homes will be empty most of the time, so in the end we will probably only see a minimal increase in the number of the people that are here at any one time.

That’s opinion, not fact, but I’ve seen it happen.

And yes, the demand for staff has increased, but not as much as the demand for housing. But it’s not infinite. If we limit the market development of hotels and homes, then eventually we’re going to hit a magic number of staff needed to keep this town running – a balance that is beneficial for everybody.

My suggestion is to visit the Whistler. It’s Our Future site at, and start at the beginning. Download the work book in the Create It section, and complete the questionnaire.

There’s an old saying that if you don’t vote you can’t complain. This is the same thing – if you don’t take part in the process to determine Whistler’s Future, than don’t come bitching when you’re lease comes up and you landlord announces that he’s selling your place to the highest bidder.

The new dial-up

The broadband Internet craze is well-justified by many, but it creates a number of other issues as well, including security issues. It can also be expensive and is as unlimited as many people believe – use too much bandwith, and some Internet Providers are going to present you with additional fees on top of your monthly bill.


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