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The first is Wikipedia at, which is a kind of living, interactive and online encyclopedia that is constantly evolving, a site where people are invited to add entries on almost any topic you can imagine. Although some of the submissions are probably a little off, members are welcome to correct anything that’s wrong and add to anything that’s right. Some of the most knowledgeable people in the world, in every conceivable field, are Wikipedia contributors.

Another site I’m partial to is CBC Radio 3 at, which is probably the coolest music site you’ll ever stumble across with sample tracks and bios from obscure bands you probably never heard of but will want to follow around in a van after a few listens. Also at CBC, ZeD is another neat site to check out at, with a massive collection of short films and animations from around the world.

A solid music site you might be interested in is Live365, which boasts that it is the largest Internet radio network on the Web. They’re probably right. Expand your horizons by tuning into one of their live stations.

Another site I visit frequently is How Stuff Works, at If you ever have a question about how anything functions, from your muffler to your rice cooker to your mutual fund, this is the place to start.

The Weird category is also good for a look each year. This year the winner was a site called Car Stuck Girls at, which apparently caters to a strange new (to me at least) fetish that’s all about beautiful girls who have somehow gotten their cars stuck in the mud.

Have fun.

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