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Doing business, owning property

While most of the business conducted in Second Life is virtual, a lot of actual transactions do take place. A few months ago a Second Life real estate developer became the first to earn a real million dollars by selling his creations and converting his Linden Bucks to greenbacks at the LindeX currency exchange, and others have done well using Second Life to sell music, design and sell fashions, and to network with other Second Lifers. Other people program actions and poses, which they then sell to Second Life users for their avatars.

You should be able to figure out more about the Linden economy with just a few visits, and occasional news updates from the homepage. The sky is really the limit.


Building Stuff

I have no idea how to build things, although I’ve played around a little and have made some impressive stacks of blocks. There is a general tutorial on Orientation Island, and if that isn’t enough you can drop by the free seminars at Kuula on building and automating your creations with basic scripting.

The really neat thing is that you can find out exactly where to go at the Second Life website, and click on the “Teleport Now” button to be automatically transported to class.


Playing games

There are several virtual casinos in Second Life, as well as a place called Samurai Island where you can battle others, a place called DarkLife where you battle your way through a dungeon, and Numbakulla, a multi-player game based on the popular Myst game series.


Bottom Line

Second Life isn’t a game, and as a result I don’t find it very entertaining. As well, since I already spend about eight hours a day in front of a computer I have no desire to be part of something that requires me to spend more time in front of a monitor. It’s not for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not for you — visit to check it out.


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