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As the holiday shopping season ramps up sometimes it's nice to remember that the best things in life are still free. That goes for software as well.

It's become an annual tradition for ( to run a list of the best free software out there, as well as a tradition for me to crib that list with a few additions of my own.

Firefox ( - This browser topped the list, although it's on thin ice with me because it seems to crash a lot since recent updates and there are a lot of weird things going on when Firefox windows overlap with other programs. Still, the add-ons are the best and any technical issues I've had seem to be resolved little by little with additional updates. Still. Thin ice.

VLC ( - This video player can handle pretty much any format or codec and it also has tools that let you convert videos into other formats so you can take them with you on your phone or gadget. The best friend of every torrent downloader out there.

Handbrake ( - This is a multiplatform video transcoder which does the conversion thing a lot better than VLC and also coverts the DVD-Video format into the more manageable MPEG-4.

CCleaner ( - This PC utility cleans up your files, defrags your disk and goes through your folders to delete all of those cached and temporary files that can bog a system down over months and years. Plus a lot of other useful things.

Dropbox ( - If your files are divided between computers at work and home and a bunch of devices then you need this.

Open Office ( - While I'm partial to Google Docs for word processing between platforms, Open Office is actually pretty awesome and for most people on par with Microsoft Office for functionality.

Microsoft Security Essentials ( - Microsoft's free anti-virus solution is actually quite good and is no memory hog like some other free programs out there. If you have a PC then you'll want to download this right away.

Evernote ( - This is a web-based reminder system that will collect and organize every note, every voice memo, every picture, every to-do list, every web link or clipping, and save them in one place that you can access through the web from anywhere. It's for the idea person, the business person who has to keep records of everything, the very busy and the very forgetful.

Digsby ( - So far this is still PC-only, but basically Digsby collects updates from Twitter, Facebook, Instant Messaging programs, e-mail inboxes, etc. and bundles them into a single window that makes it easy to stay up-to-date.

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