Unifying the split personality

Morning Andrew hates Night Andrew. Morning Andrew is tired and grumpy because Night Andrew kept him up late again, frittering around and finding interesting things to do instead of sleeping. Night Andrew knows Morning Andrew needs a break, but that guy only thinks about himself - why sleep when he can play guitar or video games, watch movies, read books and do all the other things he enjoys? Sometimes Night Andrew will even have a few beers, which only makes Morning Andrew feel worse...

Afternoon Andrew is tired and unhappy too, because Morning Andrew was in such a hurry (Night Andrew kept him up late again last night) that he forgot to pack Afternoon Andrew a good lunch or healthy snacks. He's also kind of grumpy because he wanted to go for a jog at lunch, and Morning Andrew forgot to bring shorts/shoes/shirt to work again.

Night Andrew and Afternoon Andrew also have issues. Afternoon Andrew is always working which is why Night Andrew feels he needs to play. Afternoon Andrew also wants to go for a bike ride or something after work, which makes Night Andrew too tired to play all night... ah, who am I kidding! Night Andrew will always suck it up because he's a night owl, the One True Andrew as he used to be before job, kid and responsibilities.

I'd like to get Morning, Afternoon and Night Andrew into a room so they can work it out, but since they all think they're right I don't think it's going to happen. The best I can hope for is a truce.

So Late Morning Andrew - who has forgiven Night Andrew for keeping him up, Morning Andrew for packing carbs for lunch (and still hasn't realized morning Andrew didn't pack his running stuff) - had an idea to use technology to send reminders to himself.

If I had a smart phone with a calendar application I could make notes to myself that will result in pop-up reminders. The ability to copy and paste these reminders over and over again is extremely useful.

For example, I could set a reminder to go off at 10 p.m. every night telling Night Andrew to go to bed, that he needs his sleep. I could set a reminder for Morning Andrew not to forget to make a health lunch and snack, and every second or third day a reminder to bring his running stuff to work. I could send one-time reminders to myself to pay bills, work on projects - even to play guitar and video games every so often so Night Andrew can get all those things out of his system and give the other Andrews a freaking break.

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