EpicWin is an epic win

Do it for the Lulz, the l33t, the epic win, the ZOMG! The smiley face :), the winking smiley face ;). Do it for the achievement points.

I've never been one for ribbons or medals, or statistics related to my performance like grades. In this world that probably makes me a minority.

When I play Xbox I could generally care less about what gamer achievement points I win for completing a level in a given time limit or sniping five guards with a pistol, or whatever small victories the game designers built into the program. I did experience a momentarily spasm of joy when I completed Halo 3 on Legendary, earning the skull over my two crossed machine guns but it quickly passed. The only reason I attempted it was because I thought beating the game on the hardest level would make me a better online player, but my kill/death ratio only changed slightly in my favour.

Every game now comes loaded with achievements, and there are people out there - lots of people with lots of time on their hands - who don't consider a game complete until they've earned every single achievement to be had. They will play games over and over (which I guess is a good thing in terms of value) just to get a 100 per cent completion rate and add a few digits to their gamer scores.

If you can relate, then you might be interested in a new iPhone app (just iPhone for now) that turns everyday life into a role playing game, and that gives you points and achievements for completing items on your To Do list.

Sounds corny? Maybe, but when was the last time you got any credit for going to the gym, getting your laundry cleaned, remembering to call your mom on her birthday?

Basically EpicWin ( lets you create tasks in a series of categories that will be familiar to gamers -Ā Strength, Stamina, Intellect, Social and Spirit.

Every task, or "quest" on your To Do list will fall into one of these categories, and will be assigned a value in points. For example, reading a book might gain you intellect points, while visiting with your ailing grandmother or attending a friend's party will net you social points. Strength is for exercising, household chores will earn you stamina and personal goals will replenish your spirit.

As you accomplish tasks - and the app will bug you to get on with it -your character will level up and earn loot.

It's not perfect, by all accounts. Some comments in the iTunes app store suggest that you should be able to do things with your experience, like battle monsters. Others would like the program to sync with other calendars and To Do lists, or to dock points for accomplishing tasks late.

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