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I also said it would be nice to see keyboard/joystick/mouse combos for Xbox and PS3, and I was half right there as well - PS3 has a mouse controller for first person shooters that will probably dominate online gaming and make it a lot less fun for the people using joysticks to aim.

FIFA 2010 was a huge game, as expected, and both Sony and Microsoft followed through on their motion control schemes.

On the web front, I predicted that, the online budgeting tool, would at last be introduced in Canada, and as of a month ago I was correct (cut that one pretty close). I also guessed that Hulu would be coming to Canada, and I was completely wrong about that. Truthfully, it may never come to Canada, not as long as our national cable companies also own the Internet network.

As a long shot, I predicted that Facebook would be purchased by Google, but it didn't happen. I also predicted that tiered pricing would come to Canada, and I was correct about that - most of the major ISPs are going to be charging people money when they go over their bandwidth limit. This will be a big story in the future.

To wrap up my predictions, I also said that Bill Gates would return to the business world with another company that is dedicated to technologies and products to eradicate poverty, cure disease and battle climate change.

However, a grant program started by Gates five years ago to the tune of $450 million (so far) has had some positive results but none of the breakthroughs that they hoped for.

On another front, Mr. Gates started a mini war against the teachers unions while calling for larger classrooms where teacher attention is replaced by technology.

On a personal front, I expected to have a few technological details of my own sorted out. By now I'd hoped to have a smart phone, but I'm still waiting on the Zune Pass arriving in Canada before I make my decision. I'd hoped to replace my bulky surround sound system with a Zvox soundbar. I wanted to get my wife a new computer and create a cheap home network using a Pogoplug. I also wanted to cancel cable and instead rely on a higher speed Internet connection for all of my media, but I haven't cut the cable yet. Maybe next year.

Next week: Tech predictions for 2011!

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