Letters to the Editor for the week of April 26th, 2012 

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Claire Ruddy

AWARE president, on behalf of the board

Don't spoil our beautiful B.C. with your garbage

I learned some new things over the weekend. Male bears come out of hibernation a month earlier then female bears and cubs. Male yearlings and two-year-old bears prefer to forage for natural food in more populated areas of Whistler because they are not threatened by larger older male bears that they may encounter in more isolated or non populated areas.

I also learned that there are a whole lot of people who don't appreciate anything about the beauty of this place because they seeming couldn't care a less if they throw their garbage out the window of their cars, drop it anywhere in the village, on our valley trails or at bus stops, etc. There are also pet owners that allow their dogs to run free and to drop a load wherever they please. Some of those owners happily leave their pets belongings for someone else to step in, to ride over or for others to simply pick up after them.

Nobody ever had to teach me that British Columbia was beautiful and a place to be cherished! Somehow just looking around compelled me to want to keep it that way for others to enjoy as well. For you people that live here or visit here who fail to recognize where you are and what responsibility comes with your presence of being, it's time you learned something of value.

If you have not got the capacity to learn it or the care to keep British Columbia beautiful, please do not visit us and please do not stay. We here in Whistler and in British Columbia feel very strongly about that which has been naturally gifted to all of us for the appreciation of all who live here and for the appreciation of everyone who visits here.

Brian Becker


In vino veritas en français

Mr. Brenton Smith's assertion (Pique April 19) that "nobody in Europe will ever understand that they cannot just have a glass of wine at the nice elegant restaurant" is not quite correct. Laws aren't the same all over Europe yet and, even in one given country, they are allowed variations depending on regional cultures.

For example, in France where there is no bar at locations where real estate is at a premium, especially in big towns, any foreign tourist who would expect to have a wine of glass only at meal times (the only time when restaurants are open) would be told, nicely and with apologies, that it is not possible.

In either cafes or restaurants with a bar area one can ONLY drink in the bar section if one doesn't want to eat food. If one wants a meal one MUST move to the restaurant section. To make it more confusing, any table in the bar area or the outside terrace that is temporarily set at meal times with a tablecloth and cutlery is reserved for customers eating food. There will always be at least a few bare tables for those wanting a drink only.

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