Food and drink: Let the hangovers begin 

A handful of good Canadian tips for getting over the party

Well, folks the party's over and I don't know about you, but I'm feeling a bit glum these days, hovering between the ho-hum of hopelessly boring routine and the Eeyore-ish hope that the Paralympic Games will relieve same.

Forced out of our collective hoopla, we're now left to manoeuvre alone the sticky wickets of exactly when it's culturally appropriate to remove those car flags stuck to our vehicles and stop wearing all the Canadiana dug out from the bottoms of drawers and closets - the moth-eaten Hudson Bay coats, the curling sweaters with elbow patches, the red and black checked lumberjack shirts, the second-hand Canadian hockey jerseys, and, of course, anything red and white including that scarf Aunt Betty knit for you from nasty electric-red acrylic.

The second cultural dilemma to negotiate is, what happens to the gear once we've ditched it? Will anyone be upset to find my Go Canada Go! banner in the Goodwill box? Will we all see small kids wearing maple leaf T-shirts the next time we trek through Guatemala?

And so it seems a good time to offer some balm for the collective community consciousness, and the hangovers.

I see two kinds of headaches and reflective lows around, the emotional ones that swoop down from on high and the boozy ones that just swoop, as in carrying out a sudden attack.

Irony of ironies is that good hard exercise is one of the most effective ways our bodies generate endorphins, the feel-good chemical produced by our pituitary glands and the hypothalamus in the brain. Usually tagged as "runners' high," this can be manifest by any type of prolonged, strenuous physical effort, including the ones we've all been cheering on the past two weeks and are now withdrawing from.

Feeling bad? Get off your butt and get moving.

Another technique: eat your way to fine. Most of the time this means downing carbs like a true Olympian.

Comfort food? Go, Canada, go all the way to the check-out stand with boxes of Kraft Dinner cradled lovingly in your arms. It was no coincidence KD was advertising on TV throughout the Games.

Or mash up some potatoes. Try fancying them up with any combo of real butter - tons of it - a dollop or two of horseradish and/or plain yogurt, squeeze in some minced garlic and finish them off with a generous sprinkle of good ground parmesan cheese, and I don't mean the Kraft kind. Hooray for mashed potatoes!

Make lots so you'll have leftovers. Tomorrow night add in a beaten egg to about two cups of mashed potatoes plus a small onion, minced, and shape up some potato patties much as you would hamburger patties. If they're too moist, add a bit of flour and fry them up over medium low-heat - I like mine cooked in a half-half mixture of olive oil and butter - and you're off to the races.

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