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Food for thought: Kathy, the Pique and other contemplations

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Besides all the other moments of silence we’ve had this week, I hope you pause for a minute and contemplate what a keystone this enterprise has been on so many levels — to readers, staffers, contributors and advertisers, who know the paper is read voraciously and their dollars aren’t wasted. It’s a collaborative effort whose whole is bigger than the sum of its parts, with each part — so sorely we now notice that one is missing — vital to

Here’s a reminder: Newspapering is a funny business. The paper has to come out week after week after week, when you’re sick, the monies are low, the receptionist has run off with a dancer, a reporter quits in a huff, the power fails, you don’t really feel like it, the software crashes, there’s no real news. Even when one of your original freedom fighters is killed in a terrible accident.

And there it is, like a string of laundry out to dry for all the neighbours to see and comment on, with the stains you couldn’t get out, the missing sock, the colours that ran, the good silk shirts, the ratty underwear (which you might try to hide in a pillowcase).

The funny thing about running a newspaper is that you usually don’t hear much about the good stuff you do. Mostly you hear the complaints.

But that’s the usual way of it. After this extraordinary week, I just bet that months and years from now people will step back a bit, consider what this little-paper-that-could means to them, and beam a message to Kathy. As for the ones down at Function in the office, including Bob when he gets back, you can simply tell them.

Glenda Bartosh is an award-winning freelance writer who can’t think of what to add here this week.

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