Letters to the Editor for the week of July 12th, 2012 

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The main criterion for creating electoral boundaries is population. Re-distribution attempts to ensure populations are relatively even between ridings. It's strictly a numbers game.

But if this means rural communities are simply divided up and lumped together across the province to balance the population of more urban centres, we lose any chance of having representation that reflects specific concerns of the area in which we live.

Public hearings will still be held in September before this decision becomes final. More information is available at: http://www.federal-redistribution.ca/.

Let's be sure Pemberton and SLRD Area C have a strong voice at the public hearing. We consider ourselves part of the Sea to Sky Corridor. Let's restore common sense electoral boundaries that reflect that.

Hillary Downing


Honk if you love the bears!

My new job this summer has me driving Highway 99 more than I have in my past five summers in Whistler, and this has resulted in me seeing lots of bears on the side of the road.

Much like most of us in Whistler, I feel that seeing bears is a highlight and a treat. Bears are cool! In fact, I have even been counting bears (currently 113) much to the amusement of my friends!

Most of the bears I have seen have been on the side of the highway, some of them trying to cross the highway, which scares the bejeezus out me as I am flying along at 80km per hour (yes, I am of those who stick to the speed limit — another issue altogether that was already mentioned in a letter a few Piques back).

But what I want to talk about are the bears. They are beautiful and wild, they make you want to look and for some numb-nuts out there, even though there is signage everywhere and common sense should tell you to let wildlife be, they find it necessary to stop along the highway and look at the bears.

The highway is NOT a zoo! Not only is it dangerous to stop along the highway, it is also detrimental to the bears. We don't want them to become accustomed to humans or cars because much like a garbage bear is a dead bear, so is a highway bear. So as a result I have become a honker. If I see a car stopped because of bears along the highway I honk to scare the bears away from the cars and hopefully to make people realize that what they are doing is WRONG!

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