Letters to the Editor for the week of July 12th, 2012 

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Finally; a personal note. This winter, I put over 10,000 km's on my 18-year old car in four months commuting to Vancouver because there was no work for me in Whistler this winter. I'm putting a big chunk of the money I earned doing that into paying my municipal property taxes.

David Buzzard


Whistler U worth consideration

Congratulations to Pique Newsmagazine for consistency in negative press regarding the university proposal. But really, comparing Whistler University (WU) with casinos and prisons? Not wanting students in town because they will be drunken yabbos that beat "locals" to the lift lines and ski freshies ahead of the self-chosen few? Exaggerating the size and scope of the proposal to demonize the project? Or pontificating that educational opportunities such as this should take place in underutilized existing infrastructure, a hotel for example.

Has one of the major accommodations properties decided to repurpose lately? Guess I missed that rezoning application.

How about adding some balance to this issue. Should WU go ahead at the Zen property the immediate areas of Function and Creekside would receive a much-needed economic injection. Cheakamus Crossing would not be so much of an out of the way satellite neighbourhood. The transit system does need riders to fill 80 per cent of the empty seats. The taxation base will benefit. The infrastructure can handle effluent. The school schedule and tourist seasons are not in conflict. The shoulder seasons would not be so quiet for local business. The addition of construction contracts for a decade won't hurt our local builders. Well-paid educational positions in perpetuity would be a welcome addition to our workforce. Adding diversity to our economy should not be considered a bad thing. One lousy winter snowpack would be a wake-call for us all.

I would like to see this proposal go a step further. In addition to the courses WU currently intends to offer there could be a medical course teaching facility combined with a private clinic. Instead of the boomers travelling south for advanced orthopedic procedures they could travel here (Stedman Clinic in Vail contributes 20,000 bed night visits annually). Or What about MBA course offerings, or climatology? Where else can students in climate studies get on a lift and visit a glacier, or walk a few metres to appreciate and understand the value of an adjacent wetland?

There are many positive aspects of the WU proposal worth exploring and contributing towards. But the kangaroo court of journalistic opinion from the Pique lately has not enriched this debate.

Steve Anderson


A word of thanks

I would like to take this time to thank the local Sea to Sky corridor RCMP.

Last month I had my bike stolen from my place of residence in Whistler. Just as I had given up all hope I received a call that officers had recovered my bike.

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