Letters to the Editor for the week of July 12th, 2012 

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Now I know that I was lucky but I would like to let everyone know that the RCMP takes bike theft seriously and really does its best. Some good advice to maximize the return of your stolen bike is to write down the serial number, know every component on your bike, and know all scratches or dents that make your bike unique. The latter is how I was able to get my bike back as I did not have my serial number written down.

Anyways, a big thanks to the RCMP, my friends who kept their eyes peeled, and my wife who always stayed positive.

I believe all these factors helped to bring my bike back to its rightful owner.

Mark Kissner


Think human safety first

I'm writing this letter in response to the letter written, and surprisingly published, regarding the lady who stopped her vehicle on a major highway (Highway 99) to ensure a duck could cross the road (Pique June 28). This REALLY frustrates me. I drive a motorbike and have almost been in a few severe accidents because of people just like her!

I do value wildlife but I value human life more highly. I have seen people pull over into oncoming traffic lanes on a blind corner in the Callaghan (for this reason) — in fact I almost went right over their hood but narrowly avoided doing so. You see it all the time, someone sees a bear at the side of the road and stomps their brakes before checking to see if it's safe to slow down.

My main point is that (some of) the drivers we have on B.C roads are not skilled enough to drive, period, so the last thing we should be encouraging them to do is disregard the rules of the road to preserve wildlife.

There are rules of the road for all drivers' safety, you could use your horn and failing that leave it to Darwin and the survival of the fittest, but don't save a duck's life at the expense of a human's.

Ross O'Connell


We love pancakes - thanks

Canadians love pancakes, or at least locals and visitors to Whistler do, as evidenced by the success of the Whistler Food Bank Canada Day Pancake Breakfast. This year was our best year ever, with $1,165 raised and around 380 pancakes flipped, served, and smothered in maple syrup.

Thanks to the generous support of our event sponsors, close to 100 per cent of proceeds will go to food for people in need in Whistler.

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