Letters to the Editor for the week of July 12th, 2012 

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The Four Seasons Resort was our main event sponsor, helping with a lot of the supplies like the BBQ, tent, and tables, but most importantly — a team of amazing volunteers. Thanks Jean Pinnegar, Sarah Bolton, Lucie Vermette, Lina Gavino, Kristy-Lee Belanger, Hana Lynn, Tony Chadfield, Fiona Stewart, and Chris Jaycock. We even had the General Manager of the Four Seasons, Peter Humig, preparing and mixing the batter from scratch!

Miranda Pawlett from the Human Resources Department was the amazing coordinator of this team of volunteers.

Another key volunteer came to us from Big Smoke — Adam Protter was our head volunteer chef, and he managed to flip pancakes, tweak recipes, and instruct less experienced volunteers on how they could assist his efforts. Thanks to him the pancakes were just the right shade of brown and were cooked to perfection.

We couldn't have made the pancakes from scratch without the ingredients, which along with the juice were provided by Upper Village Market.

Whistler Community Services Society insists on making the pancakes from scratch on Canada Day to better represent a traditional Canadian breakfast — it may be more work — but the result is a great tasting pancake.

Of course, no Canadian breakfast is complete without a coffee and thanks to the Village Starbucks we had both coffee and tea available.

And a big thank you to the weather gods who made sure all the rain fell the day before, and left Canada Day dry — it was even a little warmer than last year.

Thanks for your support Whistler and visitors.

Sara Jennings, Whistler Community Services Society Food Bank Coordinator

A letter last week incorrectly stated that Lindsay May lives in Area C. She, in fact, lives in Pemberton. Pique apologizes for the error.

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