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Week of June 18

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Are you secretly afraid of feeling secure? Do you equate stability with being bored and lazy? Do you suspect that your restless pioneer spirit makes you unfit for the slow, meticulous work of building sturdy foundations? If so, there's hope for you to change -- especially if you make a big effort in the coming weeks. The moment is ripe for you to learn more about the arts of energizing comfort and stimulating calm and exciting peace. To jumpstart the process, go get a massage. As you're being stroked by nurturing hands, brainstorm about the additions and adjustments you'd like to make in your five-year master plan.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Your education is about to take a curious and interesting turn. During the coming weeks, I expect that you'll upgrade your street smarts and explore a whole new meaning for the term "hands-on experience." You'll find out about an area of ignorance that was so deep and dark you didn't even know about it, and you'll take aggressive steps to get it the teaching it needs. Congratulations in advance for being brave enough to open your mind so wide, Taurus. I'm glad you'll be hunting for a fresh set of questions.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): The books of psychologist Carl Jung provide crucial insights into the nature of the unconscious mind. To the degree that I have any skill in deciphering the part of human intelligence that works in mysterious, secretive ways, I owe a great debt to him. I want to tell you an anecdote about him that may be useful. Once, as an adult, Jung took a break from work to go strolling on a beach. While meandering, he was overcome with a spontaneous impulse to build things as he did when he was a kid. He gathered some stones and sticks and used them to construct a miniature scene, including a church. As he finished, he was visited by a flood of novel intuitions about his life. He concluded that his childlike play had called forth these revelations from his unconscious mind. I suggest you try a similar tack, Gemini: To access important information that your deep mind has been sequestering, go play a while.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): We ask that you not divulge the climax of the epic story to anyone -- at least until you've let it sink in for a while and felt all the reverberations it has unleashed. After that, you'll be wise to speak about it only with skilled listeners and empathetic allies who can help you harvest the meaning of all the clues that were packed inside your adventures. One further counsel: before you reach the absolute, final denouement of the drama, there may be a tricky turn that looks a lot like the ending.

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