Free Will Astrology 

Week of February 8-15, 2007

By Rob Brezsny


ARIES (March 21-April 19): Happy Valentine Daze, Aries! On this lover's holiday, let's see what we can do to purge some of your old romantic karma. With a cleaner slate, you'll be freer to create the kind of love you really want in the future. To begin, write a list of the worst sins you've committed against your ex-intimates. Include behavior that was ignorant, cruel, or unconscious. Next, think of atonements you might make for the hurtful things you did. For instance, you could send your ex an "I'm sorry for the craziness our relationship caused you" letter. Finally, Aries, forgive yourself of your errors.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Happy Valentine Daze, Taurus! During this lover's holiday, I encourage you to devote yourself full-time to acting like a person who's in love. Even if you're not currently in the throes of passion for a special someone, pretend you are. Everywhere you go, exude that charismatic blend of shell-shocked contentment and blissful turmoil that comes over you when you're infatuated. Let everyone you meet soak up the delicious wisdom you exude. Dispense free blessings and extra slack like a rich saint high on natural endorphins. (I assure you that this assignment is in perfect accord with the astrological omens.)

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Happy Valentine Daze, Gemini! I hope you'll be very specific about what you want from intimacy and collaboration in the coming months. To get you in the mood, I've written a personal ad for you to use. Or create your own, borrowing from the spirit of mine. Here you go. Slapstick thinker with refined sensibilities seeks a saint-like sinner with insanely cool style for a long-distance joyride towards the outskirts of Nirvana. Established meditation practice and a good bedside manner are desirable. Would it be too much to ask that you might also have a high level of emotional intelligence without boring me to death with your maturity? Is it possible that you'll be an entertaining talker who also knows how to listen with your wild heart turned up all the way? Let's keep reinventing ourselves forever .

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Happy Valentine Daze, Cancerian! I sing a sly WOW toward the sky and murmur a resonant YOW toward the earth in rowdy reverent gratitude for the wonders that come your way from the special people in your life. I send out a special YAYA and GAGA to that Mysterious Other who has the power to challenge you, teach you, confound you, inspire you, and love you almost as well as you love yourself. Long may your story unfold in all of its enigmatic glory! Long may you liberate each other from your suffering!

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