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In the meantime, however, the next Frost reincarnation is equally unique but crosses into a new musical genre.

"Opel is trip-hop jazz. For me that’s a real challenge and it interests me to be able to update my sound. I’ve just done a lot of retro. Basically it’s like a cross of Massive Attack and Sade."

Opel has just come together in recent months with Ray Garraway (drums), Kris Joss (lead guitar), Scott Sanst (keyboards) and Brad Ferguson (bass). One of their first regular venues is again the GLC. Opel is still at the point where they’re performing covers, but Frost does intend to apply her song writing abilities to her latest project.

This walk through Frost’s musical background will help explain the multitude of sounds found on her soon-to-be released solo CD, Lunamarium (Nettwerk Records). The first single, Who Am I?, is a bright, sunny, radio-friendly tune, but Frost says don’t expect a straight-up pop album.

"In my head I don’t hear it as a pop record. I can understand why people would say that because it’s so guitar based… but there are flamenco influences, some bossa nova and jazz melodies. With the producer’s help, he made it all sound uniform."

Frost’s rhymes are simple and the lyrics are clever, offering a new adventure with each song. She spins tales of promiscuity and heartbreak, vulnerability and longing. A glimpse of the real Lily Frost?

"The songs are a mix of observations and stories that I make up and integrate with tiny pieces of my own experience. It just develops into something bigger and I don’t worry about whether it’s necessarily true.

"Even if it’s me singing and I say ‘I’, it doesn’t mean it’s about me. And if I say ‘you’ it could actually mean me. Some people take it personally and think a song is about them, but most of the time it’s not about them or me. I just create a character to completely portray the song."

Such is the case with Lily of the Sky, a hauntingly sweet tune of the ups and downs of manic depression: Sunsets on river streams, currents flowing over Lily’s dreams; Staying afloat it seems, takes all the strength of her being.

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