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"You can’t go wrong with salt and pepper," she said.

Piper prefers the fresh flavour of sea salt as opposed to table salt.

"It’s really nice for finishing things like when you’re done cooking a soup or you want to put salt on something at the last minute to give it a little kick," she said.

"Sea salt just has a really nice clean sea flavour."

Good peppercorns are never far from hand either.

Piper said oregano, basil, cumin and turmeric are good for the dried spices.

For the more adventuresome in the kitchen, Piper then listed the essential baking goods: flour, baking soda, baking powder and sugar.

At the school Piper puts vanilla beans in the sugar to give it some extra flavour.

With just a little yeast in the cupboards, she said anyone could be on their way to making bread, focaccia or some pizza dough.

"If you have the flour and a little bit of oil and some yeast, you can pretty much make a nice pizza dough," she said.

And there’s one more essential item in the baking section: chocolate. And she always has different kinds of chocolate.

As far as a baked desert goes, "You can pretty much get by with chocolate and flour," she joked.

So throw out the boxes of Kraft Dinner, the jars of pre-made spaghetti sauce and the instant noodles.

Start stockpiling these simple items and then start cooking.

With these ingredients on hand, you can be set to bring to life many tasty recipes from scratch.

All you need now is a good sharp knife and a cutting board.

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