Girls Get ’Er Done 

Pink Mafia’s all-female DJ tour offers up some serious cred and skills

click to enlarge Cutting Edge DJ Betti Forde is just one of the musicians coming to town to perform in the Pink Mafia's Get 'Er Done tour
  • Cutting Edge DJ Betti Forde is just one of the musicians coming to town to perform in the Pink Mafia's Get 'Er Done tour

What: Get ’Er Done Tour

When: Thursday, July 3

Where: Maxx Fish

Tickets: $__

“A sweaty, grimy, balls out tour. With chicks. But not in the Lilith Fair/lesbo way. Not in the Spice Grrrrl Power Way. And certainly not in the Vice Guide to Girls way.” With a hook like that, it’s hard not to be intrigued.

Anna Von Frances is tour manager and founder of the Pink Mafia, a promotional company that does it all — bookings, PR, event planning, and much, much more. A quick glance at their website tells you all you need to know about this company — they’re young, hip, savvy, they love to party, and they’re coming to Whistler.

“We are an army of girls that hate being talked down to, but find it still happens a lot,” Von Frances said with a laugh.

Von Frances actually came up with the idea for the Get ’Er Done tour after talking to another DJ and realizing the barriers female DJs face in the industry.

“There is definitely, especially in DJing, a boy’s club, and it’s pretty heavy,” said Von Frances. “It’s not like they shut us out on purpose — it’s so imbued in them that they don’t even realize they treat us like less.”

One of the problems in the industry is the fact that girls are almost always the minority on tours. Usually, when they’re brought along, it’s as tour manager or to handle the merchandise, or as an opening act. Von Frances said it’s pretty rare that they’re given headlining spots, even if they are extremely talented.

“I watched male counterparts to DJs I work with all the time be pushed forward by the group over and over, while girls are kept in opener slots, and they can’t get more money, and they can’t get more access, and then when they do, it has to be about the fact that they’re a girl,” she explained.

“…I watch these DJs come up and they start off local, then they get a track and they get big and tour across the country, and I listen to their stories about broing down and I want that, and I can’t have that, because I’m a good-looking, smart girl in a miniskirt, it will never happen for me.”

So Von Frances took matters into her own hands. She decided to coordinate an all-female DJ tour. Well, it’s not entirely female — Wax Romeo is joining them for the Calgary date of the tour, and Von Frances spoke to Smalltown DJs about getting on the bill — but it’s pretty damn girl-centric.


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