Letters to the Editor for the week of Jan 19th, 2012 

Going To Extremes

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Going To Extremes

With December and early January providing so many variable weather systems it was a very timely subject to look at global warming and climate change and how it will affect our mountain community and the many others around the world (Pique Jan 12, 2012). Snowfall in our valley come winter, and sunshine in the summer equal money in the bank. The shoulder seasons are the killers of our hard earned prosperity.

The RMOW, Whistler Blackcomb, our local business community and Tourism Whistler need to fully understand how global warming and climate change will economically impact Whistler over the next two decades and onwards. For those interested in learning and understanding what is going on in the crazy world of weather, may I suggest a few informative reads over the months ahead. First the understanding of the Gaia Theory. At one time in recent history only a hypothesis and now generally accepted as a theory by the world scientific community. Two books: Gaia and The Revenge Of Gaia by Dr. James Lovelock.

Other valuable publications on global warming and climate change — The Weather Makers by Professor Tim Flannery and The World Of The Polar Bear by Norbert Rosing — offer great insight into the changes affecting our planet and all life forms. If you would rather view films: An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore, Earth and Oceans by Disney Nature are also excellent films that also cover this subject.

Unfortunately what we do in our small mountain community will have little or no impact on reducing climate change. The powers that feed that process are much greater and are cumulative by the collective actions of all humans globally. We are simply now too many on too small a planet. In the end we may be collectively slightly more evolved then pine beetles, but really no less destructive a force upon nature.

They say that old habits die-hard. That old trees do not bend far nor do they transplant well.

I have yet to see in the youth of our world, those 30-and-under with the dire desire to make a paradigm shift that's required for a truly sustainable future, however, I am always optimistic that some day we may collectively awaken.

Brian Wolgang Becker


AWARE behind ban

In last week's edition (Pique Jan.12, 2012) Kalee Eder's' letter made a case for Whistler going plastic bag free. I wanted to briefly highlight that the Association of Whistler Area Residents for the Environment (AWARE) has been pushing for such a move since 2007. During this time we have devised an array of ideas for how to make this an inspirational and positive change for Whistler residents and guests. So Kalee if you, or anyone else reading this, wants to volunteer some time towards working for a plastic bag free Whistler, I would encourage you to get in touch as more support is always welcome.

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