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"When we’re done here in a month or so it won’t even be comparable (to the present one)," Belter says. "The songs themselves really haven’t changed, and that’s why we got our deal was for the songs, not necessarily the quality of the present recorded sound. We’re retracking the drums and bass on a few songs and they’re going to be a lot bigger and better. We’ll just be taking more time. Changing drum heads every tune. Really doing it the way you’re supposed to. I’m the first to admit I’ve learned a lot in the last year. And I keep saying to our manager, if we have the time to make it better, why wouldn’t we do that?"

It’s a humble observation for someone who has already dedicated so much of his time and energy to the project, or should we say projects. Belter is responsible for more than just percussion on A Struggle In Silence . He also takes care of production, engineering, mixing, layout and design. And Belter’s efforts shouldn’t be discounted. Production on their first radio release, Wear You Down, is both original and mature, his many years spent experimenting behind the controls obvious.

Belter has also been in charge of Goya’s creativity until now, but he sounds confident as the band falls in with NFE. The independent label allows the band to maintain a hands-on position while offering a leg up.

"We told them straight up that we want to be told what to do and when to do it. We need that," Belter says honestly. "But they’re very much into letting us put our heads together, even on stuff like posters. Then they hand it over to EMI and EMI either uses the idea or makes them better. The very cool thing is that we’re not the 81 st band on an 80 band roster. We’re one of five right now and they give you a lot of attention. And you can phone up and talk to the president. He made the trip up here just a few weeks ago to meet in person."

Admittedly, the band hasn’t been rigorously pursuing the live venues in the Vancouver area. They book themselves into bars like Studebaker’s on occasion to stay practised. And NFE isn’t pressuring them otherwise. A Struggle In Silence will forgo the smaller and more saturated Canadian market in favour of an American commercial release and supporting tour. NFE likes to do its demographic homework and will pinpoint the major markets to begin Goya’s distribution and live gigs.

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