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Emissions rose three per cent in 2011 and best guesses are they'll go up another 2.6 per cent on top of that already lofty level in 2012. Amazingly, these records were, and likely will be, reached notwithstanding the fact emissions fell in the U.S. With its boffo combination of economic malaise, manufacturing outsourcing and cheap, plentiful, fractured natural gas replacing coal as the go-to fuel, the U.S. actually reduced its emissions in 2011.

Not to worry, Canada's doing its bit to pick up the slack. So is China where coal — "clean" or otherwise, OK, otherwise — is still king, pushing global coal sourced emissions up five per cent-plus in 2011.

Many scientists now believe we're going to blow right past the 2° point. A few, when they're not busy studying Santa Claus and the Easter bunny, still believe agreement to avoid that is possible. Personally, I'm just going to become a denier because to admit what's going on leaves me with no other conclusion than this whole Homo sapiens thing is just another doomed experiment, kind of like the dinosaurs, which were at least victims of somebody else's practical joke.

So I'm trying to get used to the idea of downloading the last lift and looking into the feasibility of growing olives and bananas. If nothing else, the latter will put me a step closer to achieving the 100-mile diet.


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