iPhone is going to be big 

Somehow Apple upped the cool factor of their next generation iPhone 4 - so much so that it makes their very cool current generation iPhones look like flattened dung. No doubt iPhone users the world over are wondering how much time can reasonably elapse before they can justify spending the money to upgrade or make the destruction of their still new 3GS phones look like accidents.

Yet for all the excitement and hype it's not perfect. It may not even be the most advanced smart phone on the market.

In terms of features it has a second front-facing phone for video chatting and a better camera on the back than before, and while they're following HTC's lead with both those upgrades, being second won't matter much to Apple fans. What the iPhone really does have going for it is the fastest processor, longest battery life and the highest resolution screen of any smart phone. I say "currently" even though we're months away from the launch and it's a safe bet that other phone companies are working overtime to catch up with/surpass Apple.

The iPhone also has a gyroscope, adding three full axes of motion control to the current three axes of control offered by the tilt-sensitive accelerometer - something that could be interesting for games and apps. It will have the new iOS 4 operating system that allows for things like multi-tasking, a unified inbox and access to the directory folders. It has an antenna for improved coverage.

Aside from the screen and the gyroscope, however, there's actually very little that the iPhone 4 offers that its competitors can't match. For a side-by-side comparison, visit


It also doesn't matter what the iPhone 4 has and doesn't have. Apple clearly has the most elegant device, they have the best app store and arguably the best apps. People are going to line up for this thing when it hits Canadian stores in late July.

My advice is for people to take it slow. The 3G and 3GS iPhone sold by the millions and Apple is going to continue to support these phones for a long, long time.

There are a few drawbacks that are also worth considering. Like the continued incompatibility with Flash, the absence of removable storage, no video-out port or support for the 4G network - a small distinction, but relevant if you live in a city where a faster 4G network is available.

Another drawback I've noticed is that only two capacities are available at this point, 16 GB and 32GB. Other phones have less onboard memory but allow you to buy your own memory card up to 64GB (and up to 128GB in 2011) that can be swapped out for nearly endless storage.

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